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IT Consulting

CodeAXIS consultants can help you design and find solutions maximizing benefits at the right cost. Working with an IT consultant saves you time as you have a partner who can solve any problem or question and with the right guidance to meet the needs of your business to the fullest

Solutions for SMBs

CodeAXIS offers complete implementation and upgrade solutions for small offices and companies of 3 to 15 users, in order to increase efficiency, functionality and security while keeping costs low. With our guidance you can get a solid platform for your applications, improve your data security, have remote access and other features that will increase your productivity.

Virtualization and Cloud Migration

With CodeAXIS guidance you can transfer all your business workloads to virtual On-Premise Servers or the Cloud. This way your business no longer depends on acquiring or upgrading additional hardware, facilitating future transitions to more modern platforms and keeping you on the cutting edge of technology.

System security

CodeAXIS analyzes and suggests solutions to protect your network and your data from potential threats. By using the next generation - smart, firewalls and by applying modern backup and disaster recovery methods, we ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business and free you from the fear and risk of attacks.

VoIP solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol is the most modern method of telephone communication. Voice transmission is achieved through IP protocols without the limitations of traditional telephony. CodeAXIS solutions present many advantages combining innovative services that have been developed by giants in the telecommunications industry and offers you new, very interesting communication possibilities.

Why should you choose us

CodeAXIS offers technically sound solutions that directly contribute to reducing the operating costs of your business and are directly adapted to your ever-changing requirements.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with the largest software and hardware companies worldwide as well as the use of open technologies.

20 years of experience

CodeAXIS has many years of experience in implementing simple and complex systems applying proven solutions.

Use of new innovative technologies

CodeAXIS is at the forefront of technology, offering its customers the most modern solutions always based on international standards.

Flexible payment methods

Recognizing the need for development and respecting the adverse economic environment, CodeAXIS offers a variety of financial packages and facilities.

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